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The deal with Real

A Department of Cannabis Control campaign helping consumers easily find and verify licensed dispensaries selling high-quality cannabis regulated by the state to protect consumers.

Real California Cannabis seal in bright green over a photo of cannabis plants. Seal reads, "Real CA Cannabis. Tested & Licensed. California Department of Cannabis Control."
Cannabis cultivator tends to a plant in an indoor grow facility


The Real story

Cannabis is legal…sort of

Although Prop 64 legalized cannabis in 2016, selling cannabis is still illegal in most of the state—which means many people unknowingly live in areas where dispensaries are unlicensed, and they have no easy way to access legal alternatives. Real CA Cannabis was created to make it easier to find and verify licensed dispensaries selling legal products that meet consumer health standards.

Get into The Weeds

About Real CA Cannabis

  • Who

    The Department of Cannabis Control

    The Real CA Cannabis campaign was launched by the California Department of Cannabis Control to support licensed cannabis businesses and consumers.

  • Why

    Informed people make better choices

    Most cannabis consumers don’t know how to distinguish between licensed and unlicensed dispensaries or why that distinction matters. The result is that a huge portion of the public still shops at unlicensed dispensaries.

  • How

    Educate, equip, empower

    Our user-friendly map of licensed dispensaries and prominent Real CA Cannabis in-store signage (coming soon!) make it easier than ever for consumers to shop licensed and choose products they can trust.

For Licensees

Elevating licensed businesses

Stand out from illegal retailers

Real CA Cannabis supports a thriving licensed cannabis industry that puts licensees first. Find out how this campaign sets you apart from unlicensed competitors.

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A cannabis retailer speaks to a dispensary customer blurred in the foreground
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